To Hosts of Conventions

Our Support

Supporting the smooth operation of general and academic meetings and training held in the East Shizuoka and Izu Area.

Recommending venues and introducing relevant companies

Recommending the ideal venue to fit your needs, purpose and size of your event.
Booking the convention venue and related reservations
Introducing PCOs (Professional Congress Organizer)

Subsidies for Conventions and Items Provided

For conventions in which participants stay at accommodations in the East Shizuoka and Izu Area for more than fifty nights, the host is eligible to receive a subsidy and provided items (Subject to terms and conditions).

Subsidies for Conventions

  • Subsidy for accommodations
  • Subsidy for attractions
  • Subsidy for excursions

Items Provided

  • Envelopes , convention bags (charges may apply)
  • Neck strap lanyard name holders and name sign display holders (free of charge)
  • Welcome sign (free of charge)

Attractions and Excursions

Let us suggest the perfect excursion and reception attractions to elevate your event.

Providing photo data (free of charge)

We provide photographs such as "Mt. Fuji viewed from the East Shizuoka and Izu Area " to add to pamphlets and posters for your convention.

Arranging local souvenirs (free of charge)

We arrange a variety of local shops selling products at your convention.

Providing various pamphlets (free of charge)

We provide tourist pamphlets so that participants can enjoy a hassle-free stay.
Multi-lingual tourist pamphlets are also available.