To Hosts of Conventions

About Us

Outline of Shizuoka East Convention Bureau

Attracting a wide range of conventions (※1) to the Shizuoka Eastern Area (※2)and supporting your next successful convention.

  • (※1) General/academic meetings, training, lectures and sporting events (only applicable for competitions, not applicable for test matches)
  • (※2) Numazu City, Atami City, Mishima City, Gotemba City, Susono City, Izu City, Izunokuni City, Kannami Town, Shimizu Town, Nagaizumi Town and Oyama Town

Our Business

  • (1)Attracting Conventions
    • Promotion to attract hosts of local conventions
    • Promotion to attract hosts and related staff from the Tokyo Metropolitan area
    • Public relations to promoters planning conventions
  • (2)Supporting Conventions
    • Arrangement for convention venues, related traders, accommodations, etc.
    • Introducing excursions (sightseeing tours) and attractions
    • Providing tourist pamphlets to participants
    • Providing subsidies
    • Contact and coordination with relevant administrative organizations
  • (3)Investigation and Research on Conventions
    • Conducting workshops to attract conventions
    • Exchanging information with other Convention Bureaus
  • (4)Public Relations and Advertising for Conventions
    • Publicity for the Shizuoka East Convention Bureau and recruiting supporting members
    • Creating a database of convention facilities, accommodations, tourist information, etc.
    • Providing a variety of information via HP, pamphlets, etc.


The organization is operated by 11 cities and towns in the East Shizuoka and Izu Area .



  • KONO, Masahiro  President, Numazu Chamber of Commerce

Vice Chair

  • YORISHIGE, Shuichi  Mayor of Numazu City
  • TOYOOKA, Takeshi  Mayor of Mishima City
  • ONO, Toshiko  Mayor of Izunokuni City


Shizuoka East Convention Bureau
2F Antore 1-1-1, Otemachi, Numazu Shi, Shizuoka Ken, 410-0801, Japan
TEL: +81(0)55-964-1800 FAX: +81(0)55-951-7877